Final Project SONG “Fang of Death”

This song is a piece inspired by Techno with 80’s and 90’s Gothic Music inspired vocals. Technically it’s Gothic Techno. 

It’s in 4/4 at 120 bpm in a minor. It has a dark and very sad vibe to it, which certainly encapsulates the way I feel all the time. 

The key moves from a minor to c minor at the breakdown. This gives it a feeling of being lifted higher (to a deeper sadness?). An exalted sadness. 

The audio is my voice, I also included audio from the Korg MonoPoly VST and the ARP Odyssey VST to give it a very classic vibe and sound. 

I used quite a few compressors, for example on the TAL vocoder vocal track (12) I used a compressor side chained to the kick just enough to give a tiny bit of pump so that the vocal did not interfere so much with everything else.

On the original TAL vocoder track (11) I used a chroma verb to add some space, width and dimension to the vocal. 

On the retro synth (7) I used a compressor and a chromoverb to boost the sound and add width (making it sound bigger).



Lyrics “Fang of Death – Living Flame – Fallen Glory – Hungry Shame”




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