Astro Raph – Save U Later

Astro Raph’s new track Save U Later is out now on Trax Mission Records, Italy (offshoot of legendary Chicago House label Trax Records)

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A laidback deep house groove made to uplift the casual listener and dancefloor alike. Lush pads, a very analog bitter sweat melody, and a warm bass line give this one a classic vibe. 

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Final Project SONG “Fang of Death”

This song is a piece inspired by Techno with 80’s and 90’s Gothic Music inspired vocals. Technically it’s Gothic Techno. 

It’s in 4/4 at 120 bpm in a minor. It has a dark and very sad vibe to it, which certainly encapsulates the way I feel all the time. 

The key moves from a minor to c minor at the breakdown. This gives it a feeling of being lifted higher (to a deeper sadness?). An exalted sadness. 

The audio is my voice, I also included audio from the Korg MonoPoly VST and the ARP Odyssey VST to give it a very classic vibe and sound. 

I used quite a few compressors, for example on the TAL vocoder vocal track (12) I used a compressor side chained to the kick just enough to give a tiny bit of pump so that the vocal did not interfere so much with everything else.

On the original TAL vocoder track (11) I used a chroma verb to add some space, width and dimension to the vocal. 

On the retro synth (7) I used a compressor and a chromoverb to boost the sound and add width (making it sound bigger).



Lyrics “Fang of Death – Living Flame – Fallen Glory – Hungry Shame”



Astro Raph – Simple As They Come **OUT NOW**

Astro Raph - As Simple As They Come - 1080.png

A project 3 years in the making, Simple As They Come is a blend of funky breakbeat, boom bap, trap and acid jazz infused bass music. Great as a listening album, yet with enough kick and punch to rock a dancefloor. This is truly a unique release, out on Cyborg Recordings, the up and coming underground electronic label based out of Santa Cruz. 

Astro Raph used a mix of sample based grooves, atmospheric pads, boom bap and trap beats (both synthesized and sampled), piano freestyles, finger drumming, synthesized bass sounds, sampled strings and other sampled instruments. 

Astro used Ableton as his DAW and some of the plugins used include: 808 studio, Massive, Serum, Ableton plugins, Izotope Ozone 8 and Waves API 2500. 

A funky blend of sounds and a range of energy levels are featured throughout the album.